Part of my practice as a writer and researcher involves walking. Partially because it is good fun, partially because it is good for you, and partially because while walking through a landscape you often discover things that you might not have found otherwise.

In 2014, I walked the Sefton Coastal Path in Merseyside, generating new, collaborative poems as part of Ghosts of the Restless Shore.

In 2015, I walked (twice) Bede's Way, from St. Peter's, Sunderland, to St. Paul's, Jarrow, and back. Stringing Bedes: a Poetry and Print Pilgrimage linked the twinned monasteries that the Venerable Bede made famous, and led to an exhibition of new artworks, including my poems.

Forthcoming walks:

Marratide: a Pilgrimage through William Martin's Northumbria - Sunday 27th May, 2018 (TBC)

This walk will once again retrace the footsteps of the late County Durham-born poet, William Martin, from his one-time home in Silksworth, Sunderland, to Durham Cathedral. Traditionally, Bill and his friends, family and other writers would walk at the summer solstice, arriving at Saint Cuthbert's tomb on the longest day to pay respects to the people, heritage and history of the landscapes they traversed. I will recreate the walk late this spring (Note: earlier than in 2017 and 2016). You are welcome to join me.

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